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Our extensive experience in mold remediation allows us to quickly assess and address the problem in any given facility or residence. We handle all aspects of mold remediation, including the removal and replacement of materials, assessing the impact on other building elements and systems, finding the source, and solving any other environmental concerns discovered during the remediation process.

The only way to guarantee results is to take responsibility for the entire process.  From the initial site survey to the final prevention steps, we are accountable for delivering permanent solutions for our clients.

There’s no blame shifting or pointing fingers if the problem comes back.  We simply take responsibility and fix the issue.


Here in the damp Northwest, mold is a common problem in many homes, schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and commercial facilities. That’s because when moisture and oxygen are present, molds can grow on virtually any organic substance. We find mold behind walls, above ceilings, beneath floors, inside HVAC systems, in carpeting, within insulation, and all over crawl space areas. Because mold can pose significant health problems, it’s something you want to resolve fast.

When moisture is present, mold has potential to grow on any surface including wood, windows, piping, walls, roofing and flooring. The spores spread quickly, causing harmful living and working environments.  


Our experienced team can assess and effectively remove any commercial or residential mold situation, as well as clean and properly dispose of all contaminated materials.

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